Pivotal People

Ep. 29: Rob Liebreich--Stronger Memory Program

October 04, 2022 Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 29
Pivotal People
Ep. 29: Rob Liebreich--Stronger Memory Program
Show Notes

Rob Liebreich is the President & CEO of Goodwin Living, a comprehensive program that supports, honors and uplifts the lives of older adults. In this podcast, Rob shares the exciting story of his "Stronger Memory" program that has helped thousands of people improve their memory and slow down the progression of dementia. The results are encouraging for all of us. Best of all, the program is simple, free, accessible, and is something all of us can do to extend the quality of our lives as we age.
Access this free program here: https://goodwinliving.org/stronger-memory/

“Our mission to support, honor and uplift applies equally to those we serve and those who provide services. This drives us to be intentional both as a best senior living and healthcare provider and as a best place to work.”
Rob Liebreich started his service as President and CEO of Goodwin Living in July 2019. He brings energy, compassion and a creative drive, as well as proven leadership in senior living for nearly 20 years.   He has also held senior positions in marketing and operations for senior living organizations in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area and the Pacific Northwest.

 Rob studied Business Administration and International Business and Marketing at Georgetown University. He earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Senior Care and Housing from Johns Hopkins University. Rob’s additional passions include his family, travel, mentoring and brain health.

Learn more here:
Stronger Memory Program  https://goodwinliving.org/stronger-memory/
Learn more from videos about the program:


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