Pivotal People

Ep 35: Laurel Appel: Author, Radical Grace

November 28, 2022 Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 35
Pivotal People
Ep 35: Laurel Appel: Author, Radical Grace
Show Notes

Meet my friend and author, Laurel Appel. Her new book, "Radical Grace" is a breath of fresh air.  Laurel explains God's grace in a refreshing, honest and engaging way.  Her writing made me stop and think, read passages out loud to my husband, and discuss the topic with friends. It's a wonderful book to enjoy, give as a gift to anyone we love, and to have as a permanent addition to our own book collections.

Author Bob Goff had this to say about Laurel's book, which says it all:

“ With her masterful unpacking of biblical truth and her engaging style of storytelling, Laurel reveals Jesus' answer to living life fully free and motivated by love. Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed makes the seemingly impossible possible."

Bob Goff
New York Times Bestselling Author
of Love Does, Everybody, Always,
Dream Big,
and Undistracted

​Life has certainly allowed Laurel to have a diversity of experiences that have influenced her mission and ministry. She has a heart for people to know they are loved, free, and can live without shame. Her own journey to accepting these facts has given her compassion for those who struggle to believe they are true.

You can order Laurel's book "Radical Grace" HERE

Learn more about Laurel at https://www.laurelappel.com/

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