Pivotal People

Ep. 36: Alex Avila: Author, Emotional Safety

December 06, 2022 Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 36
Pivotal People
Ep. 36: Alex Avila: Author, Emotional Safety
Show Notes

Listen in on a great conversation with Alex Avila, discussing his new book, "Emotional Safety: Honoring Yourself While Creating Trust and Presence to Experience Meaningful Relationships."  It's an eye-opening and encouraging book to help us know how and when to trust others as we build relationships.  

Alex A. Avila is an author, speaker and a therapist.  He is passionate about helping people secure and enjoy safe, healthy relationships. As a full-time licensed professional counselor, author and speaker, Alex empowers people to pursue physical, emotional, spiritual, emotional and relational health. He holds multiple advanced therapist certifications and guides individuals and couples.

In 2007 he began full-time counseling studies and has since facilitated thousands of hours of private counseling and over 100 relationship workshops. Alex also conducts trainings for therapists working toward clinical certifications.

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