Pivotal People

Ep. 38: Author Kay Adams-- Stories of Hope and Healing for Dementia

December 20, 2022 Season 1 Episode 38
Pivotal People
Ep. 38: Author Kay Adams-- Stories of Hope and Healing for Dementia
Show Notes

Kay Adams is the author of the book, "Bedside Witness: Stories of Hope, Healing and Humanity."  She shares real-life stories of clients and families impacted by dementia, and how she helped them manage their challenging situations with dignity and compassion. Her book opened my eyes to the complexities involved in dealing with this very real issue faced by so many of us.

She is a Dementia coach, consultant, trainer and speaker.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of Compassion Works, LLC.  with over 30 years of experience counseling and coaching individuals and families around a broad array of complex emotional and health-related challenges. She can work with clients anywhere, because she is available via Zoom. She does individual counseling and conducts online workshops. You can reach out to her at her website listed below.

You can book Kay for your book club! She is available to join your book club in discussing her book via Zoom, wherever you are. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn more about dealing with dementia.  Just send her a message at kay@kaymadams.com for details.

She has worked extensively in the fields of geriatrics, hospice, palliative care and mental health counseling over the course of her career.  She is a  Certified Dementia Consultant and Trainer, and started her own company, Compassion Works, LLC, in 2017  to focus her passion and energy on engaging care partners and organizations impacted by dementia.

Learn more about Kay at her website:  https://www.kaymadams.com/
You can order her book on Amazon here:

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