Pivotal People

Ep. 39: Zach Windahl, Author: See the Good

January 02, 2023 Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 39
Pivotal People
Ep. 39: Zach Windahl, Author: See the Good
Show Notes

Meet Zach Windahl--a successful entrepreneur, author, husband, friend and a really great guy.  Zach's life is an inspiration to everyone he meets.  I loved our conversation, his insights, perspective and simple advice for all of us to have a more fulfilling, peaceful, and joy-filled life. I've read his new book twice and bought it for my family members. 

You can learn more about Zach on his website, ZachWindahl.com. Here are a few highlights of his story, in Zach's own words:

Perspective changes everything

"My outlook on life wasn’t always to “see the good.” Through two defining moments in my life I learned how to experience positivity, joy and live every day to the fullest. The first was when my mom, a 4-stage cancer survivor, was given a 5% chance to live. The second was in 2014 when I hit a low spot in my life and moved to Australia with the mindset of “God, if you’re real, prove it.” I dove straight into an intensive program where we studied the Bible. God used those moments to rewire my thinking. This experience led me to growth and the hope of helping others find love and understanding in pursuing God’s word.

I’ve also written several books:

  • The Bible Study
  • The Bible Study for Youth
  • The Bible Study for Kids
  • The Best Season Planner
  • Launch with God
  • See the Good

In 2022 our Brand Sunday company received recognition as the:

  • #63 Fastest growing business in America
  • #3 fastest growing business in Minnesota
  • #4 fastest growing consumer product in America

End of Zach's quote.

If someone could have a Christian product as the #4 fastest growing consumer product in America, I think there's hope for the world. Listen in and learn more from Zach.

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