Pivotal People

Ep.37: Amanda Ferrin: Choosing to Live

December 13, 2022 Season 1 Episode 37
Pivotal People
Ep.37: Amanda Ferrin: Choosing to Live
Show Notes

Today we’re chatting with my dear friend Amanda Ferrin.  Amanda is a writer, a speaker, a worship leader and a "hope enthusiast."  Amanda's desire is to point people to Jesus, to inspire hope, to remind us of God's wonderful promises.  Amanda also deals with a terminal illness, and her perspective on God's purpose for each of our lives is uplifting, inspiring and even life-changing. 

Amanda shared her story with us in Episode 4 a year ago, and she's here today to update us on the amazing events that have happened over the past year and have helped keep her alive.  They are miracles, and so is she. 

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